Our microbrewery

Our beers are brewed fresh right here in West End Brisbane – making our beer as local as you can get!

Located on the legendary Boundary Street, the Brisbane Beer Co. Brewery features a hip bar and deli-style restaurant. All of our beers are preservative free and contain only the four key ingredients used in beer: barley, yeast, water and hops.

We’re constantly reinventing ourselves in a bid to retain our title as one of Queensland’s most awarded breweries. We have five staples that are on tap all year round: BPA, (Brisbane Pale Ale), Brissy PiIls, Sunset Light Golden Ale and Walker Texas Ranger.

We also brew at least three other beers at a time, that change according to season.

Punters are welcome to watch and interact with the brewing process. It all happens right in front of you, as you sample our award-winning beers. Tours are available, or you can even just have a chat with our head-brewer Brendan Chan, who works onsite.

Our people

Grant & Michelle Clark (Mr & Mrs)


Rumour has it that Michelle thought it would be easier to start a restaurant than cook for the whole family. Go figure. And Grant, instead of shying away from his one and only vice, he decided to surround himself with it. With over 11 years running their Brisbane businesses now under their belts, Michelle and Grant are passionate about everything they do. They love the beer, the food, their customers and their talented crew, and they can’t wait for the next 11 years.

Pauly OKeffe

Head Chef

Hailing from the great state of Victoria, this dreadlocked roof tiler come forester come chef now calls Brisbane home. He boasts the cutest child alive in little Frankie, and they can typically be found playing in parks and hanging out in museums together. And for what it’s worth, Pauly once worked on a Nicolas Cage film set and was in charge of painting the grass green.

Brendan Chan

Head Brewer

Brendan Chan loves brewing so much he practically lives there. He thinks that beer is the best invention humankind has created, and who are we to argue with that. His favourite sports are extreme crochet and spearfishing (in no apparent order).He once ate 4 month old salted sea-cucumber guts in japan, and one day he will title his memoirs “Do what you Chan”.

Sam Stewart

Venue Manager

Samo ‘shanks for the memories’ Stewart once owned a goldfish named Spaz. These days with a beautiful big IPA in one hand and any pizza topped with pineapple in the other, he is constantly losing his glasses, his pen and his mind. One day, Sammo hopes to become of pachycephalosaurus or an extra on Futurama.

Mick White

Duty Manager

Also known as Micko the Sicko, Mick’s favourite country in the world is Japan. His perfect day on Earth would entail back country snowboarding followed by fantastic food and drink shared with good friends. Mick is one of the few people we know who can actually do the newspaper’s entire cryptic crossword whilst sitting at the bar unassisted by a smart phone.

Dallas Hill

Duty Manager

Dallas spends his days drinking black, filter coffee and his nights sampling the best of beers to console him after Jack’s untimely demise in Titanic. Don’t ask us to try to decipher his handwriting, but his beery brain is ready to help you find your new favourite brew …just don’t ask him about his earlobes.

Satoshi Tamura


When Satoshi Tamura isn’t skipping through the botanical garden smelling the beautiful spring flowers, he is spending a lot of money and drinking over his capacity. He combines the Aussie love for Wheatbix with his own love for Wasabi Icecream. And just incase you were wondering ‘This Japanese guy loves raw meat!’

Henry Wu


The newest member of our Brewing team is a familiar face to the Brisbane beer scene. Henry’s ideal power would be immunity to caustic and if he could only take three things to a desert island it would be hops, malt and yeast! If you ever want a chat with our newest crew member Henry is most often found taking a cheeky nap in a bar after one too many of his favourite drinks… IPAs

Our Community Involvement

Brisbane Brewhouse and Brisbane Brewing Co proudly support several not for profit organisations within the community.


Synapse is a Brisbane-based organisation striving to assist members of the community who are affected by a brain injury. Synapse generates both public and government support for the development of highly specialised services in the areas of accommodation, education and training. For more information, please click HERE.

Queensland Ultimate Disc Association

QUDA is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc (Frisbee). It is simple to learn, fun to play, and is easy to afford – all you need is a frisbee, 8 marker cones, and your friends. For more information, please click HERE.


Mon to Thurs : 4pm – Late
Fri to Sun : 11am – Late


124 Boundary Street
West End  QLD  4101


T (07) 3891 1011