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We pride ourselves on our Brisbane Brewing Co. beers. Brewed daily on the premises you couldn’t get fresher! All our beers are preservative free and made with only barley, yeast, water and hops.

We currently have four of our own Brisbane Brewing Co. beers on tap – each with its own story and unique, carefully selected ingredients. Brendan Chan is passionate about his craft and always keen to talk to interested punters about what makes our beers so special.

Once you’ve sampled the Brisbane Brewing Co. range, there’s a number of carefully selected craft beers from other artisan breweries for you to try. For those after something that’s not beer, we’ve also got an exciting cocktail menu and extensive wine list.

A visit to Brisbane Brewing Co. will leave you with a new appreciation of how good a beer can taste when it’s a product of a creative, hands-on approach.

Brewed fresh daily

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Brisbane Brewing Co. Driver Lager


Hopped Lager

ABV 3.5% IBU 25

It’s a light lager. Hey, don’t make that noise! This is a good one.
Hopped up the wazoo with a load of fresh and tasty American Fortnight producing a big ol’ bouquet (bucket) of tropical fruit for the front holes of your face. It’s yummy and responsible! You little ripper.

Brisbane Pale Ale

Australian Pale Ale

ABV 4.2% IBU 30

Brisbane Born and Bred!

Our Aussie Pale Ale is bursting with the bold character of one of Australia’s most exciting “new world” hops – Galaxy. It packs plenty of punchy passionfruit, tropical and citrus flavours, with a gentle malty body to balance. This resinous hop character lingers long enough to see out its mild sweetness, a result of whole hop flowers infused into the beer via our brewery’s secret weapon – resident “Hopback” – Henry the Hoptapus. Quintessentially Queensland, refreshingly different, sessionable and full of flavour!

A.I.B.A Silver Medal Winner 2017

Brissy Pils

Organic Pilsner

ABV 4.9% IBU 20

This strong, export strength lager has its roots in old Bohemia but borrows a fresh leaf from the southern hemisphere. It begins with a hoppy herbal bouquet of NZ Wakaitu, builds up a medium malty body, but finishes with a crisp drying bitterness. The refined combination of drinkability and leisurely complexity provides the perfect end to a day out under the sun.

Walker Texas Ranger

American India Pale Ale

ABV 5.6% IBU 45

Drink this beer before it drinks you!

Punching well above its weight with a reckless recipe for fruity, citrusy hop driven disaster, this beer is tempered just in time with its sensitive malty side. There’s a tip of the hat toward the hoppy beers of the West Coast, but this APA is “Texas-sized” with its resinous mouthfeel, and dusty dry finish. Righteously bitter with a strong body to balance, it breaks no rules – it is the rules!

A.I.B.A Silver Medal Winner 2017

Try something exclusive

Limited Edition / Tap Takeovers

Our taps are always changing up with limited edition beers from around the world, collaboration brews that we’ve been involved with and tap takeovers from our favourite breweries.

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Mātes Piens (Mother’s Milk)

Baltic Porter
ABV 7.4%

A big ol’ barrel aged Baltic Porter that’s dosed with brettanomyces yeast and aged in wine barrels. Roasted malt, oak, and enough funk to jab you in the gums. Brewed for GABS 2017 and is only getting beter with age.

Pernickety Wit

Belgian Wit
ABV 4.5% IBU 10

This natural, unfiltered Wit Beer shows the classic spice and yeast character of this ancient and precious Belgian beer style. Our brewers are very pernickety about the orange peel used in the beer, the Seville variety which sneaks into season as the weather turns and then is gone in the blink of an eye. Raw wheat and Coriander completes the cauldron in a cacophony of casual complexity. A true seasonal beer, its quenching quality is correctly quaffed during the sweltering scorch on summer’s porch.

It Remained Nameless

Collaboration with Modus Operandi Brewing Co.
ABV 6% IBU 40

Beer! It’s a black lager. It’s also really hoppy, and brewed with some help from our buds at Modus Operandi. Rich malt and a touch of light roast followed by a whole bunch of German hops. Northern Brewer is the old variety, Hallertau Huell Melon is new!


Everyone enjoys a good beer…

Totally love this place! It’s a real hidden gem for the West End.

Super cool, great beer and really excellent food! Highly recommend a visit.